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Beauty Secrets

5 cleansing tips to follow for flawless skin

The key to a youthful glowing complexion? A good makeup remover! Follow these five steps for to perfect your cleansing routine for a French-flawless glow.


How to get flawless skin? A good makeup removal ritual.

Did you know that the best way to keep your skin looking young and beautiful is to properly remove your makeup and cleanse it every day?


Adopting a proper makeup removal routine is the most efficient way to keep your skin looking youthful, bouncy and glowing.


Adopt these 5 simple and efficient steps to perfect your makeup removal routine:


1. First, carefully wash your hands


Washing your hands should always be the first step of your makeup removal routine. This is a simple but essential step that we may tend to forget. Our hands often carry bacteria which may help imperfections to develop.



2. Pick the makeup remover adapted to your skin type and needs


For every skin type there is an adapted makeup remover:

If you choose a cleansing oil, don’t forget to use it on dry skin with dry hands. Using it on wet skin it would reduce its cleansing properties. Indeed, cleansing oils are often made with dry oils which tend to dilute into the water, allowing you to remove your cleansing oil easily.



3. Remove eye makeup before foundation


If you wear eye makeup, start by removing your this first before your foundation.

Removing mascara might be the trickiest step.  Rather than scrubbing your eyes with cotton pads, which will irritate your eyes and cause a loss of lashes, leave a cotton pad soaked with makeup remover on your lashes for a few seconds, and wipe them gently. Repeat until there is no more residue.



4. Be gentle and use your fingers over cotton pads!


If your skin is sensitive or reactive, cotton pads may be too abrasive. For a gentle and soft makeup removal, try not to rub your skin too strongly and instead gently massage your makeup remover with your fingers with circular motions from the center of your face outward.

Cleansing oils, foaming cleansers, lotions and micellar gels go well without cotton pads and allow gentle makeup removal.



5. Perfect your makeup removal by cleansing your skin


Cleansing your skin is a complementary step to your makeup removal. It will allow you to properly eliminate all makeup residue from your skin and perfect the cleansing process. 
Use a gentle cleansing foam like the Cleansing Perfection Foam or a cleansing gel to rinse your makeup remover.

Your skin will feel refreshed and renewed daily, and will allow for better penetration of treatments and moisturizers. 

Adopt a perfect skin cleansing routine with :

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